We Participate in Image Sensing Show 2023

TOPPAN INC (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hideharu Maro, hereinafter referred to as “TOPPAN”) will exhibit at the “Image Sensing Show  2023” (Location: Pacifico Yokohama) held from June 14th (Wednesday) to 16th (Friday).

Company: TOF Business Development Center, Business Development Division, TOPPAN INC.
Exhibition: Image Sensing Show 2023
Period: June 14th (Wed.) to 16th (Fri.)
Location: Pacifico Yokohama
Exhibition Booth No.: D-18
Please see the exhibition details here (Image Sensing Show 2023).

The “Image Sensing Show 2023” is an exhibition where imaging processing equipment and sensing technologies from both domestic and international sources are widely showcased. TOPPAN will propose TOF sensing solutions, including a demonstration using the newly developing Hybrid ToFTM camera.

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This article introduces the exhibition content of our TOF sensor camera.

“20m Sensing with hybrid ToF(TM) Camera” Demonstration

Reference Exhibition

We will be showcasing the “hybrid ToFTM Camera” equipped with a hybrid ToFTM sensor developed by TOPPAN, which is capable of measuring distances of up to 30m.

“Obstacle Detection” Demonstration

As a proof of concept of utilizing the Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2) compatible SDK, designed for robotics development, we will showcase an “Obstacle Detection” application for autonomous robots. This application utilizes the TensorFlow software library. Leveraging the strengths of TOPPAN’s hybrid ToFTM sensor, which includes robustness in motion, the ToF camera recognizes the 3D position of individuals captured in its field of view and displays motion instructions to the robot.
By detecting people using the ToF camera, acting as the robot’s “eyes”, the system displays motion instructions on the screen. Three different areas are defined based on the distance from the camera, and the color of the text and frames changes depending on the person’s distance.


Examples of User Interface (UI) with ToF Camera

By connecting ToF cameras to devices such as AR glasses and displays, it is possible to achieve touchless UI operation. In this case, we propose introducing “AR Glasses UI” and “Touchless UI” as development examples.

“AR Glasses Operation UI” Demonstration

Proof of Concept

You can interact with the displayed content by simply hovering your hand in front of the AR glasses. There is no need for traditional controllers or devices, allowing you to have a hands-free operation.

“Touchless Display Operation UI” Demonstration

Proof of Concept

By using an external ToF camera attached to the display, a virtual touch panel is created, enabling you to control the screen by simply moving your hands in front of it.

Exhibition Handouts and Technical Information

ToF Sensor and Camera Product Catalog

You can download the 3D ToF Sensor Product Catalog from Toppan Printing’s official website ToF Sensor and Camera.

Introduction to Hybrid ToF® Technology

[Technical Information] hybrid ToFTM Sensor

ToF Sensor and Camera (TOPPAN INC, Electronics Business Division)



・During the exhibition, please approach our staff members nearby.
Contact the Electronics Business Division of TOPPAN INC via our website