Thank you for visiting RoboDEX 2024 Exhibition

Thank you for visiting the Toppan ToF Sensing booth at RoboDEX 2024.

The RoboDEX2024 exhibition was successfully done. We exhibited our hybrid ToF (Time-of-Flight) camera targeting for industrial applications, which is currently in the development phase towards mass production. In addition, we also demonstrated a robot control system as an example of development using our hybrid ToF camera SDK. This dedicated SDK allows users to control ToF camera easily and integrate 3D output data into their development environments. It supports the development of user applications that utilize 3D sensing technology.

We will provide a more detailed report on the contents of our exhibition in our next article. Please look forward to it.

TOPPAN 3D ToF Sensor and Camera

Introduction to Hybrid ToF® Technology

[Technical Information] hybrid ToFTM Sensor

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